At Engler Law Firm, we focus on resolving efficiently and effectively all of our clients concerns.

We never forget that people and businesses come to see us because they need help sorting the legal aspects of their personal and financial issues. We recognize that the times our clients need our help are the times in their lives that they are going through major changes. We understand and respect every client's situation and handle every case with the as much importance as the client places on it.

Our Law Office handles all of the legal aspects of your situation so you can handle the personal aspects.

And we will be there at every legal step to guide you and act as a counselor.

Our lawyers and support staff act as a team to constantly communicate with our clients, whether it's incorporating a small business, or ending a marriage, or seeking compensation for an injury.

Our team of lawyers are well educated, competent and ethical. We have the range to handle a variety of legal matters. But if it is a legal matter outside our expertise, we will make sure that you are able to find the appropriate legal counsel.

In the last year our Law Office has successfully resolved several multi-million dollar domestic relations cases, protected and helped families with sick and aging parents and have handled the legal proceedings of small businesses as they are conceived and continue to grow.

If you have a question or need legal aid, contact our offices through this site or at 330-729-9777. We will be proud to call you our client.