Divorce law is all about the same thing: handling the tragedies and sometimes inconveniences that come along with people having a bond because of a marriage contract.

Divorce is exceedingly emotional even though the final result often comes down to a division of assets and an appropriation of spousal support and/or child support. 

After practicing law for over 25 years I can just about figure out what the end result will look like after the first consultation. There are always some strange twists and people are capable of some very strange behavior.

It is important to choose an attorney that will listen to you clearly and understand what result you want at the end of the legal process.  I will always ask "if we were to come back two years after our initial appointment, what would happiness or success look like to you". A good divorce attorney will always ask if there is a way to keep the marriage together or work out an agreement in regards to the children.  I say visit an attorney with a long track record in domestic relations.  Their rates per hour might be a bit higher but they will get to the bottom line a lot quicker.  And if your marital estate  is very large or there are issues like valuing a business then you want someone that has done that type of work before.

 Children are the even tougher part of divorce. And it might be a post divorce decree where the mother or father wants to get the child back because either side is not parenting correctly.  It's not unusual to see one side adopt some strange behaviors after a divorce that leaves the kids watched by Grandmother instead of the parent.

Call my office or email me for an appointment.  We take our job seriously and understand that a call to a lawyer is often the first step in solving a problem that has been growing for years.