Creating a mission statement is not enough. A mission statement is just a summary of what a business does. A mission statement does not answer why we are in the business. At Engler Law Firm we have based our business on a value statement. These are the six values that we have deemed the most important to our law practice. Our law practice will be based on these six values. Our growth will be guided by these six values. Values are what define us as people, so we will use these six values to define our practice: Communication, On Time, Professional, Community, Growth and Industrious Thinking.


People can take good news, they can handle bad news, but they can not accept no news. Half of the service we provide is keeping our clients informed of where their case is in the court process. Sometimes the wheels of justice grind slower than we would like, but we make sure that our clients are aware of the steps we are taking to resolve their issue. We are advocates for our clients. And as advocates it is our responsibility to make sure our clients understand the legal process and are closely involved in their case. Communication connects our clients to our practice. We also must keep constant communication with our peer lawyers and with each other. Knowledge is power, and the flow of communication is what makes our practice strong.

On Time

If something anticipated arrives too late it finds us numb, wrung out from waiting, and we feel – nothing at all. The best things arrive on time. Punctuality is more than just a common courtesy. Punctuality is a sign of discipline and respect. We are disciplined when we handle your case. We respect the circumstances of your legal action. We will be on time when we file your documents, arrive at all court proceedings and especially when we meet to discuss your case. Engler Law Firm is on time.


The image we project is a direct reflection of the quality of our work. If we expect to gain the respect of our clients, other lawyers, and the court system, then we need to conduct ourselves in a professional way. Being professional means that we will be courteous, respectful, patient, and diligent. We will apply these high standards to every case and every client no matter how large or small.


Graphic of globe with people standing around it holding handsA law practice exists in order to create a more just community. Therefore all of our actions must have the community in mind. All of our employees are members of the Mahoning Valley, and it is in our best interests to make it a better place to live. As our practice grows we will become even more involved in civics, government, social and cultural activities.


Graphic of a bar graph with people standing on each bar. Person on highest bar is raising their hands in excitmentThere is never a time where our law practice can stop growing. There is always an opportunity for growth and finding new ways to serve our community. This applies to the growth of the business, and the growth of the people we serve. The law practice is an instrument for our employees to better themselves and grow as people. The practice also allows our clients opportunities to resolve any legal issue that limits their own personal growth.

Industrious Thinking

silhouette of head with a lightbulb in itThere is a solution for every problem no matter how complicated. With hard work and constructive thinking we can find a suitable resolution for every legal matter. There is no such thing as a hopeless case or a lost cause. There are only cases that require more diligent work. And no matter what it requires, we will we will do what it takes to find that solution.

Our Values are what we bring to your cause.
We are someone to fight for you.

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