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Battling spouses may think of winning or losing in a child custody case. However, the court is less interested in which spouse feels bad in the end. They are more interested in what is best for the children involved. We approach child custody cases with the same concerns at the Engler Law Firm. We are devoted to settling custody issues so that the child is the real winner.
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Child Custody Lawyer in Mahoning & Trumbull

We will help you prepare for what could be a difficult negotiation or a tough court battle. Our attorney can advise you on what to do and say to your children to help them prepare. We will also advise you on what not to do or say, those things that may harm your chances of getting the future you want, or worse, harm your relationship with your children and co-parent.

You should also learn what to expect before, during and after any court procedure. Communication between attorney and client is very important to us, as we are sure it is to you. We will always let you know what is going on with your case.

Parental Rights

Child custody issues don’t only arise between couples in the middle of a divorce. Unmarried parents who have no cohabitation or legal arrangements between them may want a court to declare their responsibilities as parents. In Ohio, the birth mother has both legal and residential rights to the child if she is not married. The father has no legal rights and so no legal responsibilities regarding the child. One or both parents have to ask the court to establish paternity for the father. Our firm can help you with any issues regarding paternity.

Sometime after a divorce, you may wish to modify a previous arrangement or court order regarding child custody. You may be moving out of the country or remarrying. If any issue causes you to rethink your current arrangement, our attorney can help you modify a child custody agreement through the courts.

Mahoning & Trumbull Child Custody Attorney

We are an experienced, competent and compassionate team. Our attorney and our staff in Youngstown care deeply about child custody issues and the welfare of children in a divorce case. We put their best interests first, just as you would. Give our child custody attorney David Engler a call today for a free consultation.

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