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Woman holding her neck with a sad expressionThe Engler Law Firm is one of the premier firms in Youngstown when it comes to handling divorce cases. Our attorney, David Engler, has handled dozens of divorces over the 30 years he has been practicing law, and several of those cases have involved seven-figure settlements. However, his ability to win big dollar cases is a skill he possesses, not the focus of the firm. He works within the Mahoning & Trumbull community, helping everyday people who are struggling with resolving domestic relationships at their end.

Mr. Engler can help with a variety of domestic relations issues, including divorce, maintenance settlements and order modifications.

Mahoning & Trumbull Divorce Lawyer

We understand that when you come to us looking for a divorce lawyer, you may be at a low point in your life, or at the least, under a great deal of stress. We keep this in mind as we begin to listen to your side of the story and begin to help you plan for a new future. We strive to understand what you want going forward and will try to help you achieve your goals.

Preeminent Divorce Attorney in Youngstown

Our lawyer, David Engler, can help you decide whether you want to proceed with a no-fault divorce or chose a more adversarial path. He can work with you to negotiate an agreement regarding maintenance, division of property and assets with your spouse. You may even attempt to work out a plan through arbitration or mediation. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement, Mr. Engler is an excellent litigator. He will fight for a just and fair result for you in court. Mr. Engler and our staff are veterans in the courtroom and we will work to make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome.

After a marriage or cohabitation relationship ends, people move on and their situation changes. The court order or agreement you and your former spouse have existed under previously may no longer work for you. We can help you seek a new agreement that works better for your new lifestyle. If you find that you former spouse’s lifestyle has changed, you may find it reason enough to seek to change existing arrangements. We can help you in that situation as well.

Experienced Divorce Attorney in Mahoning & Trumbull

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney won’t just help you “win.” A consummate professional like David Engler will help you have peace of mind as your life changes; the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will get the justice you deserve.

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