Mahoning & Trumbull Family Law Attorney

Elderly woman with her daughterFamily law attorney David Engler’s practice serves Boardman, Youngstown and counties in the surrounding area. The attorney has been practicing law for 30 years, giving him a long view of the court’s treatment of divorce law, child custody and other family law issues. In addition to his experience benefiting his application of the law, his experience will benefit you as a client as he has often seen what happens to the individuals involved in divorce cases. Mr. Engler’s confidence, drawn from his successes in court, will help keep you at ease during a difficult time in your life when you believe you have a lot to lose.

Mahoning & Trumbull Divorce Lawyer

With divorces, the spouses may be more interested in winning, more fearful of losing something. You may need to think of getting a fair and just result in your divorce case instead. David Engler can help you come to an agreement with a no-fault divorce without having to enter a costly and possibly destructive court battle. However, your circumstances may dictate that one side is at fault. You will need an attorney who can litigate the case with intelligence and tenacity. He can help you win a maintenance settlement you believe is justified.

Child Custody Lawyer in Ohio

The Ohio courts apply a “best interests” test when making decisions on custody after a divorce. Our firm believes strongly in the efficacy of this principle. We will keep it in mind when assisting you with your child custody issue. We can also help if you wish to modify a previous custody decision, or if you are a stepparent who wants to formally adopt stepchildren.

Custody issues may arise for unwed parents. In Ohio, the unwed mother receives custody by default until the court produces an order that says otherwise. The father of that child will have to petition the court before the court will recognize the paternal rights. If the father has no legal rights (residential, visitation or support), the mother can not require him to pay support. David Engler can help you clarify your rights in these situations so that both parents may legally act for the best interest of the child.

Mahoning & Trumbull Family Law Attorney

When facing a family law issue, you need an experienced lawyer to help. Call David Engler at the Engler Law Firm for a free consultation.

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